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Gaining spiritual insights and practising this in our lives is easier said than done in today’s world. The practice of being a peaceful and compassionate being is such a treasure found in only few. I have witnessed compassion and peace in action since meeting Monk Xu. Which is why I needed to interview Monk Xu to write this book because in meeting this modern day Taoist Monk, I was able to turn away from a 26 year addiction and am now an award-winning recovery coach.

Once and for all, I was able to not only heal from my long standing addiction to methamphetamine, vile men, coke, speed, sex and prescription drugs but also end my arduous battle with suicide ideation, schizophreniform disorder, eating disorders, high anxiety issues and bipolar. In my first best-selling novel, I bravely recounted what transpired in my traumatic past. I was able to do this because I was showered with blessing, support, healing, protection and love by Monk Xu.

I am now a No. 1 Best Selling Author of two books on Amazon. I continue my charitable work with authentic intention and sincerely impact clients’ lives and marvel at their transformation. I am a light in the lives of those with addiction, bipolar, anxiety and depression when all they can see is a dark abyss.

SIT with Monk Xu is filled with insights and tools that are imperative to apply in one’s everyday life. As our world is consumed by capitalism and materialistic priorities, spiritual enlightenment can become easier with practice.

So that your practice can bear fruit, you need a Master to reflect with and truly learn from. Being the Founder of X A Q SHIN Sanctuary, Monk XU trains daily and leads a monastic lifestyle. He was my source of wisdom and timeless universal truth as I sat with him for many months. You too, can awaken the wisdom within you by distilling the words you will read about in this precious piece of literature.


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