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Those with addiction, dpmestic violence, suicide, depression, bipolar and anciety issues are rampant in our community. They need help from a peer that has gone through what they are going through and care enoughtto get them out of this downward spiral. In coaching, we help clients self-evaluate their goals and are given positive counsel and accountability throughout the whole coaching process. As a charity or registered Public Benevolent Institution, we provide our services as funding becomes available. Funding for this will help us extend our services to marginalised youth, which are in need of this type of results driven and focus oriented program. So click here now to donate.

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For us, it’s always been “the more the merrier” in terms of personnel. We encouraged you to volunteer and team up with us to to slay the addiction epidemic once and for all. You are always welcome to help us with open arms.

Sponsor Someone’s Recovery

Do you run a business and interested in having the chance to do something really worthwhile? Sponsoring someone’s coaching sessions is the best way to by save someone’s life. Contact us immediately and you can sponsor the recovery of an addict and help them get rid of their addiction/s once and for all. Click here to sponsor somone’s recovery today.

Corporate Sponsorship

Not only do we accept sponsorship for sessions but corporate brands can give products (Ipads, computers, clothes, shoes, canned goods, fresh producs plus more) or services (financial, accounting, PR, social media, haircuts and anything else that you do that would help our clients and volunteers) to our epic cause. It is not just all about money, your products and services will help our award-winning organisation help those that need it. You just never know what a mother might need to start over or a son that has been abused by an alcoholic father. needs just at that specific moment. We can always raffle it or give it as a reward to a client once they have completed their goals as an incentive that reinforces positive behavious.

Internship, Student Placement & Supervision

Aspiring individuals who are looking to gain some experience through placement in this field can join our internship program where you will be learning tasks that contribute to the healing addiction stricken individuals. Are you a registered training organisation? A university?

Become a Member

Be a part of our ever growing movement against all kinds of addiction by becoming a member of Coaching with Substance and help us in recovering addicts from their substance dependent lives.


We have always received the inheritance of several individuals who were dedicated in our cause till death. So, if you want to leave behind something that can be helpful in our quest, we would be extremely thankful to you.