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Maria’s first best seller: Kill Your Addiction Before It Kills You: How I Transformed My Life of Addictions, Bipolar and Suicide


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“If a bomb blast killed hundreds of thousands of people in any city, the world would be in tears, mortified with mouth hanging aghast and hearts pounding. Yet, in any given year, we lose 232,108 souls worldwide to addiction, and no one weeps except their family and friends.”

Death from addiction, bipolar and suicide is a shameful death, with only a small percentage recorded correctly on death certificates because of the disgrace associated with living this kind of lifestyle.

Maria survived all three; addictions; bipolar and suicide attempts.

Maria’s story began when she traveled on a plane alone at 11 years of age to come to Australia, started drinking at 13 and began smoking crystal meth at 15 years old. By 18 she was selling her body for a living and spent her 20’s modelling, dabbling with marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and LSD, partying with socialites, fashionistas, politicians, celebrities and going out with Yakuza, Triad and 5T gangster boyfriends. Her bipolar frenzy took her to 129 cities working in any capacity to support her habits and crazy lifestyle.

One day, she decided she has had enough of the self-inflicted pain, unconscious need for suffering and self-perpetuated heart aches. Finally, she decided she wanted to reclaim her life back and regain her self-respect.

She now spends her days with her life partner and spiritual advisor, Venerable Monk Xu. They have joined forces to ensure their mission reaches a higher purpose and together have opened a small sanctuary that seeks to spiritually enlighten, train (body mastery), teach and coach hundreds of people to turn away from addiction and live a life of dedication and purpose.

She continually fills her mind with self-development, educational and academic pursuits of excellence and just recently completed her Master of Public Health (MPH) at University of Queensland (Ranked 47th Best University in the World). Her passion, Coaching With Substance is a registered Public Benevolent Institution with a charitable vision to eradicate the harms caused by addiction, addictive behaviours and co-morbid mental illnesses, one client at a time. As the Founder, she spends her waking moments dedicated to her cause & life purpose.

This book was written to inspire the reader of the soul’s capacity to change. The stories of guilt, humiliation, dishonour, indignity and shame are told in brutal honesty and with courage. It impresses upon you that a happy ending is available to anyone who seeks to find it and works hard to maintain it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel so long as you don’t give up trying and you kill your addiction before it kills you.

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