The problem of addiction and the solution to it, has consumed my life for the last twenty five years. I come from a broken home with parents separated two years after my inception and left out on the streets fending for myself since the age of thirteen. Therefore, I have first-hand experience of the deception the mind plays that can drive someone into the claws of addiction.Somehow I found myself all alone as a Fashion Model in Asia at 17 years old, with no chaperone and no guidance from any parent figure. I look back now and realise that it was a sure-fire recipe for attracting the wrong people of the world.

I spent six years of my life independent but lost, headstrong but confused, resourceful but with no ties or purpose. Luckily, with the help of self-studied mentors like Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, M. Scott Peck, Louise Hay, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn and the like, a vision started to take form. This vision took me to 127 cities and fourteen countries, working in whatever capacity to support myself. This vision was fed by a thirst for knowledge of the things I couldn’t understand. In the end, I knew that drugs and alcohol wasn’t the answer. It was the problem!

Fast forward fifteen years later. I am in the process of starting my doctorate in measuring the efficacy of recovery coaching and have finished my Master’s Degree in Public Health in the field of Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs studies delivered by the world renowned leader in Alcohol and Drug Research Centre at our state’s top university ( I finished my degree in Psychology in 2009 then completed an Alcohol and Drug Counselling internship at the biggest rehabilitation centre in Oregon, USA in 2008 while sustaining a successful private coaching practice since 2003. With a sharp mind, filled with the right knowledge and backed by consistency and discipline, I invite you on a journey because it is now that I can finally say, I am ready.Ready for Coaching With Substance to deliver an educational paradigm shift in the way people view the effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Ready to get people involved with the issues of addiction and engage their help.

Ready to help people realise that the problem of addiction DOES affect every single one of us, somehow!Join me and let us start a revolution to raise awareness. Let us help our brothers and sisters lost in the throes of addiction, to get them to a place where I am now, making a difference in the way I can.