Coaching Testimonials


Vicki McGuire Testimonial for Addiction Epidemic Workshop

What an amazing lady, interesting, smart and insightful. I like what she is trying to do. With her passion, I’m sure we will hear much more from her . – Vicki McGuire


Daniela Guzzardi

“I have only known Maria Pau for about 3 months, I am a volunteer at Coaching with substance as its provisional psychologist. Though, with all my wit and psych ability! I forget about self-care. Maria has not only encouraged me to improve on my health and wellbeing, but she has taken the time out of her busy work schedule to physically train and exercise with me. She has an ability to ignite a fire within, to make you believe in yourself. She is a wonderful person who accepts everybody of who they are, does not discriminate, and works solely to benefit others. Always looks at situations from another person’s vantage point. Stays with you even in the bad times. Giving a helping hand and is sincerely happy in doing so. Maria always has a smile on her face and does not look down on anyone. Maria is always happy to motivate and give advice and the world has to learn from her.” Daniela G.


Rachael hobbs

I was so nervous when I first rang Maria. I had personal issues that has been making it difficult for me to progress in my career as a Model. I had as well plenty of self-esteem issues and really find it hard to be personable and book modelling jobs.

Maria taught me so much about the modelling world. We even had a session in the middle of Cavill Mall where she taped me doing a catwalk across the Mall, right in from of Charlie’s. She said that if I cannot do that, then how can I do runway with the same amount of people watching but with more pressure like walking right, press taking pictures of me and so on.

In the end, I progressed through my career well and booked more PAID jobs. Now I am a professional model and get paid for all the work I do. I am a professional and I love it!

I finished coaching with Maria in 2010 and now, 2013, I have enjoyed a great modelling career that does not look like it is fizzling down any time soon. It was the best money I spent on myself and personal development.


Brett Robson

Maria’s approach to coaching and uses this as an advantage when conveying ideals and techniques to her clients, however don’t let her looks fool you, if you are not in it 100% she will definitely tell you.
I met Maria Pau in December 2006 after organizing a photo shoot with her back when I was only just making a start in model photography, meeting her was a turning point in my life but I wouldn’t learn that until later on. Things paned out for a while however when I caught up with Maria again she was running her own coaching sessions with models and I offered my service s as a photographer for a negotiated fee. Having confidence is one thing, but to have the guts and brawn to have confidence in your work to the point that you can charge is another thing, however making the decision to take coaching sessions from Maria has aided in my journey into the unknown world of model photography. I’ve worked with Maria on many occasions now and refer her with high regard.

I can say so …as I did just that potential models/photographers out there, if you feel that your career is not hitting the highs and or goals you set our to achieve, pick up the phone or even write an email and contact Maria Pau ….it will be worth your while.


Lynette Phuong

Let me share how having Maria for a life coach has made a difference in my life.

With Maria’s help, I have been able to identify what it is I really want in life; set inspiring goals and begin to see ways to achieve them. Maria has helped me fall in love with the process of realizing my dreams and so I am confident that by the end of my coaching program with Maria I will have achieved my goals no matter how ambitious they appear to be.

Maria has played an important role in helping me feel a sense of balance in my life. The journey with Maria thus far has been amazing; I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Maria as I believe that coaching has allowed me to experience a more fulfilled and happier life.

Maria is the best coach anyone could wish for – she is passionate, affirmative and a superb role model.

Pick up the phone and let her help you create the life you want too.


Illac Diaz

Crossing paths with my coach Maria Pau was one of those encounters that changed my life. In the beginning, I had never heard of a life coach and I was in the middle of some very confusing times in my career. I was looking for a way to build a small foundation housing homeless workers in the Manila area and I was loosing confidence that I could continue my project on the small donations I was able to gather. When Maria approached me for coaching, my understanding was that it would be a way to just get feedback and get to talk to someone about my challenges. How wrong I was! Having to be accountable for my weekly accomplishments and a confidant to help me balance out my decisions was exactly what I needed to cause a revolution in my life.

I transformed a forty bed dormitory from a charity to a social enterprise with a lower cost of $1.00 a night and a pioneering a work-for-stay method for those who could not pay. In the last three years it has grown into 1500 beds and has helped almost 95,000 people. My desire for higher education that I had put in the backseat for several years was revived and I started to scout for scholarships for students from developing countries. My work in the homeless shelters impressed the Architecture department in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to give me fully paid one year tuition and living expenses in 2005, and I am now entering Harvard University with a similar support package this July 2007.

In between, I was honored by having my story covered by reader’s digest and CNN and awarded as one of the youngest ever to receive the Ten Outstanding Young People of the World.

By focusing my energies on priorities and a structure to see what was really important to focus on slowly helped me to focus my time and resources on the opportunities that were in front of me. What was important was having an energetic and positive coach to keep me on track even after every disappointment and showing me that it was all part of the process of success.

Having Maria as a Coach and the breakthrough of Life Coaching is an investment that gives us the greatest return by unlocking our life’s potential.


John N

My first experience with Maria was very supportive and humbling. Despite my low economic status and certain incompatibilities, Maria was very willing to take on my case and accommodate me as a participant in her program.

I was a PhD student who was failing in my studies. I was financially and time poor, and my phd program seem to see no end. I was struggling with procrastination issues, internet addiction and a low mood. My work was falling on the wayside and I was receiving feedback from the university that this was so.

Maria’s program allowed me to identify and specify the goals that i desired, and work on them, rather than to wallow in my negative and self defeating vices. Over the program i have become more independent and have substantially understood more about myself and how to modify and structure my life.

With the program I was able to abstain from internet addiction for several days, and then weeks at a time. The internet has consequently become less of a need and urge for me. Now i am able to take other types of breaks from work, without falling into internet video browsing that had often consumed whole days and nights of my time.

I understand that there is a lot more of myself to develop and improve and there will always be times in my life where i will lose self control and occassionally fall into my vice. However the severity of my vices have considerably lessened, and i am easily capable of putting a stop to them, or doing something else during such lapses, whereas i was incapable of before.

Maria’s program will provide you much greater insight to your own mind, and you will come up with solutions that you would not have come up with individual. I highly recommend her services, and hope to have you achieve your goals, as have I.