Coaching with substance is a registered not for profit, charity and public benevolent institution with a nondenominational approach to recovery

Through various levels of funding, donations and sponsorships, we aim to assist and empower individuals to achieve their full potential. Sponsored funding for coaching is determined by funds available at the time of request. We offer the following services:

  • Recovery Coaching One on One
  • Recovery Coach Training
  • Online 8-week cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program
  • Spiritual Insights Training (SIT) with Monk Xu
  • Certificate III, IV and Diploma of Community Services Nationally Accredited Training

We would love to for you to become a Member to support our cause.

We are currently offering Drug Education and Prevention Workshops for Teens and Parents so if you are a high school principal or youth worker, please ask us about this effective workshop that has yielded great results for attendees.

We would be thrilled if you can become a donor or sponsor so that we can continue to support those with addiction issues.

We are active in our social media funnels so find us on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We have hundreds of videos in our YouTube Channel, so tune into our YouTube Addiction Help QLD Channel now

Last of all, if you have time, please volunteer your time or expertise to Coaching With Substance so that we can collaborate on how we can alleviate the harms caused by addiction in our community.